Thursday, May 26, 2011


won't get any emptier

_MG_6821 And neither will this


This won't get full:


And this won't get emptier either:


Why, you ask? Because look what happened:

_MG_6823Can't REALLY see, other than a few odd angles?  let me show you how I found it, early one morning:

_MG_6817Do you see NOW?!

Investigations into the mysterious new angle of my somewhat vintage clothesline have revealed that three children plus that pesky spare kid may have something to do with its rakish angle,  late the previous afternoon. Intense gruelling of suspect #3 have revealed that "the big girls did it". Further investigations and interviewing of suspect #1 have shed more light on proceedings, especially on the matter of the carefully edited narration of events by #3, suggesting he (#3)  had no role in illicit activities.  Furthermore, suspect #2 has suggested that in fact the whole thing was #3's idea.

(which leads Chief Investigator to enquire on the wisdom of Suspects #1, #2 and that pesky spare kid #4 in following the suggestions of the youngest, the four year old #3!)

Pesky spare kid suspect #4 has been invited on a sleepover at her earliest convenience at which time she and her fellow felons will be undertaking bindy picking and unsavoury tasks of that nature. However, mother of said pesky child (who, it has to be said, was quite unsympathetic and laughed hysterically at the tale) has said pesky child is unavailable for sleepover due to a previous fencing commitment, however due punishment will be dished out in the form of exceptionally early and rather nasty cold mornings. This sounds like a rather fitting form of retribution for my own children, however due to the fact that I myself am not overly fond of exceptionally early and rather nasty cold mornings, will continue along the bindy picking or NO TV path.

Postscript:  Clothesline now returned to its former level glory, thanks to the husband and my un-idle threats of great marital disharmony should it not be fixed before he drove away that morning. 


  1. Oh too funny! Mum and Dad's looks just the same and has a bushmans repair - been that way for years! Can't do without the Hills Hoist!

  2. That is funny.
    Can you imagine the conversation that ensued after the clothesline incident between suspect 1 through 4.
    Good policy, always interrogate the youngest first.
    After hearing recently of some swearing taking place on our school oval after school whilst children waited for their tennis lesson, we called the kids, one at a time into the kitchen for interrogation while I fixed dinner. Before Matthew called in No. 1, he winked at me, remarked this should be fun, and commented he's been waiting all his life for this.
    Most surprising, ours were all innocent!
    Of course.

  3. haha love it! I have some same pegs basket. To change the subject, I'm really loving the windmill in the background and the colours that you look out onto each day are just gorgeous. Face photo is No.3 with the wire lines going across that gorgeous back drop.

  4. Meant my 'fave' photo in comment above and ignore the 'some' in first line - oh when will I learn to proof read before I press enter??

  5. oh love it...
    we had one as kids and dad had it tied to the fence the keep it far is your fence???

  6. love your story telling and maybe it was a godsend that you couldn't attend to your usual chores. I too have the same peg basket that you and Nicole have. Cute birds too.

  7. love it! my clothesline is ancient, too... and doesn't have quite as bad a tilt, but it also doesn't raise or lower anymore, they broke the line bit from the winding-up-pole bit. which my husband couldn't fix, no matter how much marital disharmony I threatened him with. and I refuse to get a new, green, removable one, cause I'm an old-fashioned country girl at heart

  8. what precious memories...I think you should write a book of short stories thats Steve's idea. I introduced him to your blog and he's still smiling about it!came with me out to my boring new clothes line and was still giggling about it thisafternoon!

    How's the punishment going lol

  9. My clothes line has the same angle that yours had for a moment. The kids have no excuse about not hanging the clothes on the line because it is too high.
    You could have made that the punishment. Hanging the clothes. It starts out a little scary, but they do get the hang of it after a while.


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