Saturday, May 14, 2011

I think I am a genius

So, I've had this ongoing problem with toothbrushes and toothpaste on my bathroom sink (quite apart from the kids getting toothpaste every-bloody-where problem). You see, quite some time ago, we cheerily trotted off to good ole Bunnings and plonked down some money for a nice shiny stainless (maybe better to say silver?!) toothbrush holder.

Get it home, attach to the wall - and no one's tooth brushes fit in the darned thing.

After much research, it seems none of the holder makers actually go and get a Colgate or Oral B toothbrush and see if they will fit their holder. Joy, joy.

So, toothbrushes have lolled about in various forms of disarray, sitting on the bench, or stuck in a cup (which, due to my rather slack housewifey-ness and inclination to have daughter #2 clean the bathroom sink (its a job she actually quite enjoys, the precious little Sadie. Pity she doesn't extend the same joyfulness to her bedroom. However I digress) had a tendency to get nice and slimy.

But yesterday, in a fit of pure genius, when wandering through my favourite $2 shop, I brought home this little $2.5 gem.

_MG_6626A simple plastic cutlery holder.

I know. I am brilliant, am I not?

Let us gaze once more upon its beauty.

_MG_6629Let us not dwell on the nice rust stains left on my sink by Husband's shaving cream tin, left there in the water that seeps from that leaking tap that I have asked him to fix for the past 10 months over and over again.

Its pretty isn't it?

_MG_6627Ah, such simple things that give such simple pleasure.

Please refrain from any comments that might be directed towards how the recent cold snap may have addled my brains. ;-)  


  1. That is genius! FYI, no toothbrush holder that I've ever found actually fits a good-quality toothbrush. Especially the ones that hang in the shower. I have a marble thingy to hold our toothbrushes...and it too gets slimy in the bottom. =/

    And in the shower, my other toothbrush rests atop my shaver's hanging apparatus. (Not sure what to call it.) Not pretty at all.

    Brilliant idea to use the caddy! I'll have to find one for myself now! :)

  2. you are too clever....completely perfect and I too can relate to the toothpaste and toothbrushes all over my bench tops as well. What a clever little mummy you are!!

  3. I KNOW you are a genius! Great idea Mum :-)

  4. I love how the little things still please us the most. I am like that, too. We need something like this in our bathroom - our kids' bathroom. Liam is a little too small at the moment, but Landon gets crazy with the toothpaste. I walk in and wonder how in the heck toothpaste got over here or over there. What is this kid doing in here? Wallpapering? Good grief. So, I feel your pain.

  5. A universal problem indeed Sharon. Between the six toothbrushes, two tubes of paste, hundred and seventy-four hairbands, sand coated soap and three lego transformers on the basin, my bathroom won't be featured in 'Home Decor' magazine anytime soon. Love the caddy ... necessity is the mother of invention after all.

  6. Definitely genius. Might ponder the idea myself. On another positive note, your toothbrushes are looking fabulously NEW.


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