Saturday, May 28, 2011


These little chaps called in this morning


This one is rather noisy (juvenile? or mother) and makes a sound akin to an alarm clock with a flat battery, every 5 seconds or so. In tree very close to my office.

They have come in to eat insects and spiders out of the c purloins on our back veranda roof.


Notice the blue on the first one's face? Its much more iridescent in real life.  These pair are quite quiet and happy hopped around and hung upside down and generally had a great old time.


And I found this cheeky, noisy one INSIDE the house, not five minutes later, sitting on the draining board just inside the window (for the second time in as many days!)  While I am gratefully for its assistance in keeping the spider population on my twelve foot ceilings down to a dull roar, I don't really like the little souvenirs it leaves.

Funny things. I should dig out the bird book and find their real name. Nice visitors to have from time to time. Although I do wish that noisy one would get a sore throat or laryngitis!


  1. Cute birdies Sharon :-)

    It looks warm at your place ... not so here :-)

  2. What kind of birds??
    They look cure but a lot like Minors??


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