Sunday, May 22, 2011

more diversity

This time musical.

The Husband and I, we grew up in the country. We live in the country. We were reared on a diet of Slim Dusty and Charlie Pride, with a dash of Abba. I even played piano for many many years. As we grew older we branched into more modern music, but never too far from our country roots. And as we grew much older ;-) and babies came along, music and buying cd's and new fangled musical thingos didn't hit too high on the priority list. Listening to music is what you did (and still do) when the radio was on and you were driving in the car.

These kids:


Love music. Any sort of music actually. They have no bias, if its catchy, and has a beat and can sort of understand the words (HELLO Pink! lets say when I actually listened to some lyrics, particularly Funhouse? we started skipping over that one on the cd that my dear, musically up to date and VERY diverse friend Mel gave us) then they love it.

The photo above: cleaning their teeth, after watching Australia's Got Talent (another thing they love) and belting out "its a long way to the top if you wanna rock and rooooollllll" that a band had performed on the show.

Acca Dacca, eat your heart out! They've never heard the song before, never heard of the band. They just know a good song when they hear one.

Ah, aren't kids so entertaining?


  1. A fun happy shot...great memories. When I was working, ever Saturday I would put on Video Hits while cleaning the house and I knew all the songs, all the bands and was up to date. Come along kids and the only things I listened to was wiggles, bob the builder etc. so out went Video Hits. In the car now with 2 kids making noise I hardly want to put more noise on so I hardly listen to a lot of music now.

  2. Mrs P, our beloved bus driver (until this year when the bus diverted south, leaving me out of the loop), has been the greatest source of musical inspiration for our kids. Mrs P's MP3 player would get a heck of a workout on the bus every morning, with ACDC featuring regularly. "Hit me with your Best Shot" was another favourite as well as "Bad to the Bone". And just for our kids she downloaded Trumby, Leave him in the Longyard and Whoa Bullocks.
    Love ya Slim!


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