Tuesday, May 10, 2011

G1 and G2

You met G1 (formally known as Daisy and Mini-Pig) a while ago.

Over the easter holidays his little brother G2 came to live with us.

_MG_6599He's a bit lively. And eats a lot.

_MG_6609Its no wonder he has a nervous twitch though, with these monkeys on the outside! One in particular.


  1. too cute...we have 5 atm...lol...not real ones Zhu Zhu pets :)

  2. Gorgeous pets.
    We've been down that path, unfortunately they were a little twitchy due to our rottweiler ogling them, much like your young daughter!

  3. CUTE! Our guineas are still alive and kicking. Miraculous.


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