Wednesday, May 11, 2011

less dangerous than chocolate

My mum gave the kids a tent for Easter, in lieu of chocolate. More better for both them and the state of their mother's backside.

On Sunday I put it up for the first time, as its the first real chance we've had.

_MG_6572Its meant to be a four man tent, but I reckon they would be four skinny blokes. This tent will be quite cosy with three swags rolled out in it!

And it only took me about five minutes to erect (without the ropey tie bits, without instructions I have no idea what to do with them. Bloke thing I think).

Now they will be wanting to use it for real. Although I don't think they are brave enough to camp in the back yard while we sleep comfy inside in our warm, innerspring bed.

_MG_6574 Which is a bit of a bugger really, considering the cold snap we are getting (or rather, the start of winter).

I think my ugg boots will be getting a workout this season.


  1. No, I don't think this week is the best time to start a camping expedition. Very fresh here this morning. Quite lovely once you're dressed, just the getting dressed part I have issue with.
    Lovely photo of the kids, it looks just perfect size for your three. They will have a ton of fun in there, with a few scraps thrown in, some picking on the boy and some getting very scared in the dark.

  2. love the bottom photo....gorgeous. tents are a lot of fun...

  3. I missed this yesterday - sorry :-)

    I love the shot of them all in the tent -the close up that is ... man, it is not too cold for them to camp out - try doing it down here!

  4. PS What lens are you using for those shots?

  5. Love the photos. I once had to spend a night in a four man tent with three other adults. Ridiculously cosy.

    Take care.


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