Thursday, May 19, 2011

getting under control

-  Folding clothes directly off the line, and having the kids put their own buckets of clothes away. Boy gets some help. Otherwise undies (no, they are JOCKS Mum!) end up in strange places. This seems to be working at eliminating the giant folding pile that never ends.

_MG_6570(please feel free to ignore the rampant couch grass in the background) I love those tuff tubs so much that The Husband thinks I am collecting them. Have many. Possibly need more!

-  Girls with long hair will have very short hair if hair ties and bands and clips are not kept in order and in a place that can be found come school time each morning. Today I took matters into my own hands.

_MG_6694The basket is a wee bit small, but I worked with what I had on hand. Its all THERE in one spot. Hair ties in their own container:

_MG_6695and clips in another: ( a totally crappy shot, but you get the idea.) Headbands in another. Hairbrushes and detangler spray ALL HERE IN ONE SPOT.


And the other day, I got the total poops with the kids having the DVD's all over the place in the TV cupboard (which admittedly, wasn't really made for their storage) and dragged this old bookcase out of the storeroom. It couldn't get any more perfect, so much so I can overlook its obvious need of a coat of paint) And it fits this small bit of wall like it was custom made for it.

_MG_6706White? Or a nice BRIGHT shiny red? or all modern and black? (I have black paint, left over from my office shelf painting exercise.  Quite a bit actually!)    The shelf is also a great place to house the library books, stacked in another basket rescued from kids crap today. And the bottom shelf has a few books, plus a stash of no longer watched wiggles and hi 5 DVD's.  (is this a lot of DVD's? most of them are kids, I grab one whenever I see it on sale at Woollies or the like. Sort of looks like a lot here!)

I had designs on the "junk drawer" or lack thereof, but that will have to wait for another day. But it feels good to have things in hand, even if just one teeny, tiny bit. One hair tie at a time! ;-) Stay tuned for the next episode of organising/de-cluttering madness! (super organiser mum I am not. And feel free to google that blog all by yourself. I will keep my opinions to myself!)


  1. I love your little organizing, it's amazing such little things can make such a big difference. I am with you on the pile of washing from the line. It tends to be a huge task if it's sitting in the basket to be sorted and ironed and another 5 mins at the line sorting makes perfect sense. Next thing you'll be having your own organizing blog... seriously I love all things organized.

  2. Sharon this is all great, I especially like the hair storage and will implement when kids bathroom is operational! The dvd storage is a stroke of genius - I always fold the socks straight off the line - eliminates a LOT of the missing sock syndrome!


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