Friday, May 6, 2011

When all the cracks gathered to the fray...

(for the non-Australian readers, the title refers to a line in the very famous poem, The Man from Snowy River by Banjo Patterson. Google it and read the poem, it's great).

ANYHOW. Last Sunday morning, rather bright and early, a group of enthusiastic fisherpersons and adventure seekers rolled out in their four wheel driving glory, heading for the Secret Special Fishing Hole.

I really should contact Toyota, what a great ad for them this would be.

_MG_6408I know. Just us, and five vehicle loads of our closest friend ! ;-) Its a big river, plenty of space for everyone. As always, it was quite a four wheel driving adventure getting to the SSFH. Our host doesn't believe in making it easy to access the SSFH (for good reason!)

We found a spot to set up camp:

_MG_6454Had smoko, and then set about the serious task of fishing (which was a little disappointing: due to the nature of our wet season, all of the deep holes had filled with sand. Great for the kids, not so much for the fishing)

This one caught a fish:

_MG_6430(one of the green shirted mates from Easter)

This one caught a fish too, with the help of his dad:

_MG_6547    (follow the fishing line and see the fish there, near Georgie's foot)

And this one had some one on one time with her dad, and also caught a fish or two:

_MG_6545 (2)While I took the two youngest hooligans down stream where they could explore and pretend to be Steve Irwin

_MG_6460 (2)_MG_6461 (I believe she discovered the remains of some very small creature)

And they did some fish spotting, which is the closest we got to a fish for the day.

_MG_6492(the fish didn't come up well in the photo, but in reality, the water was SO clear, and small schools of fish were swimming past in the knee deep, running water)

And they jumped into the icy frigid take your breath away water time and time and time again.

We had lunch:

_MG_6533And then went and played in the river some more.

_MG_6436Some of played with cameras rather than fishing lines. See the reflection in her sunnies? Its her husband and daughter.

_MG_6475And LOOK! I was there! See my new fishing hat? I decided that the old felt one really could handle another encounter with water, and left it at home. I do like a well made and fitting "rag" hat, and even better this one was cheap as chips at k-mart.

_MG_6554And after the men had satisfied themselves that they were definitely not going to find a deeper hole or any more fish, we packed up and went home.

We've since been informed of a stretch of deeper holes downstream from this location, so it seems another trip is being planned. There is more than a touch of chill in the air mornings and evenings of late, so OF COURSE they will want to camp. Stay tuned!


  1. Gosh, don't worry about the fishing - that looks to be an UNREAL spot for a swim! And, I bet it wasn't that cold ... always colder down here - even in the middle of summer! :-)

  2. what a great spot to unwind and chill all the pic's. Happy Mother's Day to you Sharon. Kathy


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