Monday, May 9, 2011

what kind of chook farmer am I ?

A few weeks or more ago, after we got home from somewhere after a day or so away from home, we found a strange chook running around our back yard. A pretty speckled little bantam.


We tried to chase it back towards the neighbours place - it wouldn't go.  The next day, I found it scratching in my garden making a nice old mess, so I put in my chook run and told the neighbours I had their chook. The neighbours said they weren't missing a chook.

So, it continued to live in the chook run, and the kids got all excited when they found a smaller than normal egg. The kids see the chooks every day, its their job to feed them.

The other morning, I was hanging around the garden. I hear a rooster crow. "Hmm" I says to myself "Neighbours rooster must be wandering around, or the sound is really carrying this morning!"

HA! what kind of chook farmer am I? No bloody wonder it sounded so close:

_MG_6585It was in my OWN CHOOKRUN! That little speckled bantam ain't no egg layer! It appears to have turned into a rooster. This would be why the neighbours aren't missing a CHOOK. I bet they are still giggling into their beers.

And he knows how to crow very well.

Chicken stew anyone?


  1. Just might be a tough old chook stew by the look of him Sharon. Very pretty though.
    With rain in our parts again and a definite chill in the air, I found the last packet of chuck in the freezer this afternoon and set about making me some winter-warming beef stew. (Our freezer is all but empty ... time for the fatted heifer to meet her destiny).
    Went out to do the afternoon jobs, returned to the house requiring oxygen to make it into the smoke-filled kitchen to find my stew burnt absolutely dry. No stew and possibly a ruined pot into the bargain.

  2. hehehehehehe...I would have known that lol

  3. Your story made me laugh...I would probably been the same....looks great my favourite colours are black and white!!!!


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