Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What happened TODAY!

Instead of editing and organising photos like I planned (including making a "print" folder for each month, so I don't end up printing everything like I have previously :( !!) I did this instead. I'm finished for today - needing to get outside and get some fresh air, as it has stopped raining - for now. Murphy's Law states though, as soon as I step foot 100 metres up the road, it will start pouring again...

I don't mind this one above - waas wanting to get done, so didn't fuss around too much.

Don't like this one, but she won't care! I am not going to change it - embrace imperfection remember!

This last one shows why I rarely use: stamping, ink and my handwriting. Blurgh. Again, embracing imperfection! It actually looks better on the screen than in real life!

1 comment:

  1. Hey there, I know you have asked a couple of times about getting photos different sizes on your blog, and I found this today explaining how she does it!


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