Friday, February 6, 2009

More random images

I just had to share these photos, from our friends place, about 200 odd km's north of the flooded bridge photos shown in a previous post.
This photo is BEFORE the water got up to the houseyard fence, which is about level with the swimming pool you can see there in front of the house.

This one is a bit later when the water got higher, at roughly the peak.

There's the pool fence and the houseyard fence. The water has dropped significantly now, but keep in mind that its still raining in the north and any other big falls will make the river rise again.

I will share one more, not quite so pleasant photo with you, from Queenslands Gulf Country, which has NOT made the news, and is not faring so well. This is what faces many, many, many properties as the water slowly recedes. The owners of this property hired a big chopper (no government assistance being provided here) to drop hay to what cattle survived. I won't show the more graphic shots of the dead cattle washed into a corner of a paddock. There's enough dead ones in the photo below.

Look closely at the water all around - I believe these ones took refuge on the bank of a dam.

I don't know these people at all, but thought their plight should be shared. A certainly is a case of drought and flooding rains from one end of the country to the other at the moment, isn't it!

And just to lighten the mood a little...

What a great table - I actually see it in the bathroom (I have a HUGE bathroom) storing all toiletries and bits that accumulate. But this handsome thing would look great anywhere!

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  1. droughts & flooding rains is right! we get a glimpse of how drought & floods affect our farmers on the news but then don't give it another thought...thanks for the real life images.


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