Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inspiring Website

I love house and garden magazines (in fact, I love magazines in general!) and struggle not come home with armfulls of them each time I go to town (not often, luckily!). I recently discovered that my local library get two of my favourites - House and Garden, and Better Homes and Gardens, which , although meaning I might have to wait to read the latest issues, is far better on my hip pocket!
I even love catalogues such as Pillow Talk and Ezibuy Home, where they have delicious bedding all set up in gorgeous settings. So when I recently discovered the American Pottery Barn website (after reading about this great store in one of my home magazines!) I was ridiculously pleased. I've signed up for their email newsletters, even though I can't buy from them (US based and rather $$!)

I haven't a link to share (just search for Pottery Barn) but they have not one but THREE great sites ( "grown ups", "teens" and "kids") - full of wonderful bedding ideas and great colour schemes - not only for home decor but great for scrapbooking inspiration as well as patchwork and quilting - the combinations of colours and patterns are just divine.

Like these, from their recent PB Teen newsletter.

This one has two things I love - the simple quilt idea {gorgeous fabric selection} and the wall colour. This is THE colour I want on my office wall, in front of my desk. Whenever that wall gets built. Good things come to those who wait, apparently. Well, I'm STILL waiting....

Close up of the yummy patterns - inspiring anyone?

A bit different, but still girly...

And this one, love the colours, and how simple and effective is the quilt design? Modern quilting at its best!

Now, this - this is my favourite. I happen to have a couple of old 70's arm chairs from my grandmother, that I keep thinking about recovering. They aren't quite like this - they have timber arms and recline - seriously comfortable chairs! But they do need a little revamping to bring them into this century...I reckon a great fabric like this would be perfect.

Now, I had best go, because apparently today is the day that the two little gremlins here at home think they need to dog my every move and treat my office as a playroom, despite tempting them with Wiggles and Playschool, and demands to GO AWAY! So, rather than try and do any sort of productive work in the office with them annoying the living life out of me (playing with my scraping stuff, and by doing things just outside the door that they KNOW they aren't meant to do - like stand on the back of the sofa bed/couch!) and give myself a nervous breakdown in the process, I will quit while I am ahead.

Sigh. Now they have gone to harrass the budgies whilst simultaneously singing the ABC song over and over and over. I can see it's going to be a LOOOONG day.


  1. Oh yes, love this chair! Cheers Mel

  2. if only we had PB over here...sigh!


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