Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MORE Buttons

I am going through a button phase at the moment...look what other button goodness I have found! I was actually looking for the button rings that I had seen in real life, somewhat like the one below, but in red and white - so trendy! I guess I could make one myself, but by the time I find the right supplies on the 'net and it gets here in the mail, my enthusiasm would have waned...

If you know where I might get something like this in Australia on the internet, please leave a comment with the details.

I found this one in the US on etsy, but it would be nearly worth the price of a gemstone by the time I got it here...and the colours are a bit TOO pink and green. Cute though!

And found this more modern style of necklace.... again with the pink and the green! I want black and white - or red and white! I'm a classic kind a girl, with an edge. Well, that's what I keep telling myself, and I'm sticking to my story!

I realise that none of the above items have anything to do with our quiet life - I've been slightly distracted wrassling with invoices and blo*dy Quickbooks and BAS's. ... I promise that I will return to regular posting again soon, now that I have pretty much found all of the cool button jewellery images out there. I actually found some pages lurking on my camera's memory card, so as soon as I delve into that, I'll share.

Until then, check THIS out!

Taken from aircraft sometime yesterday afternoon, this is the Burdekin River at the Macrossan Bridge near Charters Towers. I believe it was about 6 point something metres over the bridge at this stage, only 60cm below its highest recording in 1942. Reports are that its holding more or less at this level - it is possibly that even more water could arrive here with the heavy rain falling in the upper catchment. It doesn't look much - but look closer at the cars in the bottom right hand corner, that should give you an indication of the scale of this.

By the way, Trevor arrived home safe and sound, with the groceries, this morning. Back of car (4wd wagon) lovely and wet not from driving through swollen creeks, but from the heavy rain he'd driven through and a miniscule, unlocatable but persisant leak somewhere around the back door. Yay. I just love the smell of wet carpet!

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  1. So all this water ... does it bring snakes out of the bush too!!!!!


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