Thursday, February 5, 2009

Caution - bad photography ahead!

As you know, I have been immersed in my never ending pile of papers, getting my BAS done well ahead of its due date, just for a change. Come the end of the month, I won't be knowing what to do with myself! Gee, I wonder just what I could do with the spare time I will have?! :)

I took a break to find those layouts I mentioned, but their photos have dissapeared into the ether... so I took some others.... really, really bad ones. I'll forgive you if you want to click on that little X up there right now.

Anyhow, HEEERE we go!

This one is a favourite. I used a laser cut title that I swished some paint over. I liked the way it turned out. Super quick page!

And another favourite...and an oldie, of Georgie's Christening Day. I don't often use enlargements because I am too lazy to order them, but I did this time,

I nearly always base my pages around another layout that I have bookmarked for inspiration. They don't always turn out exactly the same, but I am HOPELESS at inspiring myself.

And another poorly photographed one...but still a favourite. Most of these are from Georgie's 12x 12album ...I'd better find some of Kate's another day!

PS. Not sure about water and brown snakes Di (read her post here!), but heat surely does. And springtime. me a twitch just thinking about it!

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  1. Love these pages Sharon! little man is esp gorgeous!


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