Sunday, February 15, 2009

Catch Up

Well, here I am back, putting my bit of fluff out and about on the internet! This is a bit of a catch up pictorially, as I have gone through my photos and realised what I hadn't shared here, just to remind me what has gone on lately!
Obviously, school started quite a few weeks ago, and we are slowly getting back into the routine of things, though that has been a little difficult given the rain and excess water we've had - no wearing joggers to school - only gumboots or the like - and no swimming lessons, as its either been too cold and rainy, or the road to town has been cut. But, more or less, the start of Kate's year one has gone well, even though, according to her, she hasn't learnt anything!
Here she is ready to go to school on the first day back, complete with escorts!

Two days after school started was Kate's 6th birthday. I mentioned in a previous post I had hoped to make her cake well ahead of time (or the day before!). Well, that didn't happen - thanks to being seconded to the paddock by my husband. So the day of her birthday found me whipping up a cake, to be ready in time for morning tea at school at 10:30am. Plenty of time says I...not taking into account the cooling time required!! The cake did cook beautifully, but then I had to ice it...looked sort of OK when I left home for the short walk to school, but with the lid on my trusty tupperware cake carrier, that little bit of residual heat made the icing slide, right down the sides! Not to fear though, the kids didn't care (nor did Kate!) and it was demolished in record time.

Here it is, I did warn you I am the worst cake decorator! I've given up even looking at those cookbooks that show these wonderful masterpieces that are supposedly easy to make. Load of codswallop!

And here's the big girl, with her SIX badge. She's missing one of those top teeth now too, it had been hanging by a thread for a few days, and she refused to let anyone remove it before time. It fell out at school, teacher thrilled by this and the blood that accompanied it (I think some force was accidentally applied in the playground!)

And in other news, we brought the horses back in, though after the "flood" they've been removed to higher ground, to the cricket pitch, so they aren't standing in mud and water all day. The kids did manage to get a couple of rides before it rained, so as soon as the water dries up, we'll be able to bring them back to the house again. Here's Floss tempting Mr T into the garden so she could ride him....he took some persuading, even though he adores carrots. You don't get this old without having learnt some tricks! Georgie was beside herself with excitment when she got him to follow her!

And just because he's a ratbag, here's the boy.

I would share with you my adventures of today - I took my camera..but turns out it is stone cold flat. We went to my parents-in-law's place, where Trevor had to put some fly control stuff out for a mob of cattle. This didn't happen - it was too boggy for him to get to the paddock, so instead we went and towed out his father's buggy (polaris thingy) from where he'd bogged it. The boys in our family (ie. Trevor and 'Gus) got haircuts from Trevor's mother, and so are looking a little bare at the moment, but much cooler!

So, from having most of the day out, not a lot of things got done at home, so tomorrow is catch up day, and getting back into the hopefully I will find time to call by here. I've a few other things to share!

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