Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On the same subject

I came across a post on Janelle Winds' blog, of a quilt she recently made for Homespun magazine. I just had to share with you, as I know a few of you sew and quilt.

I don't sew, or quilt these days, I just think about it, and occasionally hoarde a piece of unresistable fabric for that "one day" occasion where I might actually use my sewing machine. These days I am hard pressed to find needle and thread to sew on a button. Just ask my husband...apparently his work shorts need buttons, but I am working (unsucessfully) on the theory that:

1. he obviously needs to drink less beer (meaning less beer belly!) and then he wouldn't bust his buttons off his pants ! and

2. why can't he sew his own bl**dy buttons on? he did Home Ec at school!
By the way - Happy 38th Birthday Trevor! xoxox (he's in denial about his age. hee hee) The kids are worried that they won't be able to get enough candles on his cake. I have to agree with them - I don't think I have a cake tin big enough to make a cake to hold that amount of candles.
Can you tell I'm younger than him? :)
I digress. Here is the quilt that Janelle Wind made and designed.

I think I need to get a copy of the current Homespun, "just in case" for that one day when I decide to start sewing again.

Its gone suspiciously quiet here at the moment, so I need to go and investigate what devilment the terrible pair of mishief makers are into.

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  1. Thats gorgeous! For a non quilter, I seem to have a fair bit of fabric saved in my craft room...


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