Monday, February 9, 2009

A Mixed Bag

Yes, I know, I haven't posted as regulary as usual lately, but I have been busy with ordinary day to day stuff...and "community" activities. Today I had a meeting in town, where I along with another friend, was elected secretary of our local campdraft. No real change, as we have been doing the job for the past few months, but I am hoping that I will pass along the job at the end of June. I'm feeling like I need to focus more on MY own stuff (family and business) for awhile, instead of expending all of my enthusiasm elsewhere....
Anyhow, moving on - meet Ben. We found Ben last year, and he is such a pretty and well mannered fellow, the kids adore him. We've just brought Ben and his old mate Mr T back to town to chomp down the grass in the back paddock (where, incidentally, Trevor saw a huge snake just yesterday when shfting some of his "good cr#p" into a tidier my forays into the paddock will now include carrying a large stick and wearing gumboots not thongs!).

Isn't he so pretty and shiny?

Changing tack completely, I recently got this ad in my inbox, and it caught my eye...hmm, I thought - what a great layout plan/idea. So here it is for you to see if you like it...hopefully I will take up my own challenge tomorrow (that's if the mossies don't carry me away tonight, yikes they are bad!) and also get to use the great stickers that came in the mail from Nicole.

Let me know if you decide to use this for inspiration.

I am quite proud ofmyself as well - I've converted two of my long time friends to scrapbooking! (now if only they would both do a weekly blog! I'd help you set it up girls!) One of them has decided she'd like to try digital (less stuff to gather dust) and have the "pages" come up on a slide show on her computer screen she's found a cheap little program to expiriment with...then I might be able to talk her into Elements!

On the other hand, Jules has gone with the albums and divided page protectors I mentioned in a previous post - the d ring albums and WRMK 4x6 6 up page protectors. She's doing an album for each of her three boys, and there will be a little journalling block in the sixth pocket of each page. That's simple scrapbooking at its very finest, is it not?! I can't wait to see what she comes up with...and considering she hasn't had a mail run for at least 4 weeks due to the wet (no mail = no album or pages!) I think I'll be waiting awhile.

And finally, thoughts and prayers to those in Victoria and New South Wales battling bushfires, and to those who have lost homes, and even more tragically, loved ones.

Right now, as I listen to the rain falling on our corrogated iron roof, I am contemplating the fact that even though the flooding is devasting for those who have been affected in north Queensland, that flood waters seem a little more forgiving.

Hoping to be back tomorrow with some creative stuff to share. Right now I need my bed, as I am having trouble 1. remembering simple words! and 2. keeping my eyes open. See how dedicated I am to you, dear reader? Sacrificing my beauty sleep for your blog reading pleasure...zzzzzz. Sorry, that wasn't me sleeping, that was the hoarde of mosquitos trying to carry me away!


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  1. LOL. I can't imagine how horrid the mozzies must be with all that water around!!!

    Love the advert, might have to have a go at being inspired:)


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