Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cool Camera Strap

Just before I get back to some REAL work, I thought I would also share this with you:

A simple tutorial on how to make your very own camera strap slip cover (that goes over your existing strap). I've been looking at the gorgeous ones on etsy and madie it, but really can't justify buying when when I have a sewing machine, and the basic skills needed to make my very own. (image from Etsy)

The only thing I DON'T have, is some yummy fabric to make the cover with. But that can be easily fixed, can't it?! (wink, wink!)

Just think, I could even have a strap to match my new (and non existent, but oft-dreamed of) camera bag. Actually, I don't think I have the skills to make a camera bag, but when I do get a new and glorious one, I can whip up a strap cover to match. But until then, hopefully I will get a chance to grab a small bit of divine material and make one to start me off.

Just think of the possibilities!
I won't be around much after easter, as we lead up to our campdraft the following weekend; I might get a chance to post some pics from an impromptu photo shoot I did one afternoon this week; I need to do a little editing.
I've been thinking about the video that Jo did, and really want to try my own, but need to get some practise and gather some other still images first. And get some sugar into the kids prior so they're all happy and not laying around the flat whinging and whining!

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  1. Hey Sharon, Glad you like the pic's. The colours are a little flat the lounge room dosen't get a lot of sun in the arvo. No it is not always that tidy, that was while the kids were napping. The lounge is from Freedom and it is called Lucas, I think they still have it, I love it! Will go look at their catalogue for beds, they are not as in my budget range as the were before we had kids, most of my house is Freedom, with a recent switch to Ikea!
    I really love those camera straps too.
    Have a great Easter, thanks for stopping by.


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