Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Must Check Site

While I've been working at my desk the past few days, I came across a post it note I'd scribbled on awhile ago, and then lost (where do those bloody post-its end up - I'm forever loosing the little pile of them!), which said Amy Butler Free Patterns. I thought I would check it out today...oh m-y-y-y goodness. Talk about a visual feast.

But first - I found some wonderful free patterns there:

There are some cloth, some paper. I haven't looked to see how easy or not they may be...but they are worth checking out.

Here is the link HERE - go to the free patterns down the bottom. And be sure to check out the Inspiration tab, for glorious photography and beautiful images. Not to mention her yummy, yummy fabric designs.

Hope that you might get some use out of these - gotta love a freebie. If nothing else, you are sure to enjoy the wonderful images or get some photography ideas!

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