Saturday, April 25, 2009

I was going to bed early tonight

and then I started playing with this. It didn't turn out anything like I planned...again another digital page, however when I get my next lot of photos printed, I will just print the collage and title section, and then adhere to cardstock (as well as copy the journalling).

I made the rest of the page digitally so as to share here..who knows, I might just print out the whole thing, but it seems more economical to just print the smaller bit. I normally print a good portion of all of my photos (4x6), but seeing as I have turned these five here into layouts for the "family" book, I will save myself some space and money and not bother.

Can anyone else click on the image above and get it to come out bigger? I am not sure how to get that to happen, or is it just my computer and blogging incompetence that is the problem? (seems silly that you can't READ the thing doesn't it!)

I plan to try and continue the collage type pages for our family book - quite often I take a series of photos, and really I don't ever do anything with them other than put into a normal photo album!

Stay tuned - I've come across some lovely things on the 'net lately that I have been saving to share with you so will be bringing you (yet another!) internet goodness post soon.

I really must make myself sit down and do some sewing (other than patching - ye gads! I patched a pair of my round-the-house shorts yesterday, that got caught on wire...lets just say I reminded myself why I hate that job so much, and is the reason why I refuse to patch my husband's shorts and jeans! a job for the m-i-l!) ..where was I? oh - sewing - and wanting a yummy camera strap cover. On my ever growing To Do List (the When I Make Time list, as opposed to the Must Be Done RIGHT NOW list!)

Thanks for calling by, leave a comment to say you;ve been!


  1. Love this page...wish we could get this size printed somewhere...would make digi pages a great idea. Maybe print it as an 8x10 them matt it!

  2. Oh I LOVE haybales - love the colour - love the texture, just love them. Had a love affair with them when I lived in Canada in a rural area. Love your layout.


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