Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Free Pattern

Thanks to the goodness of the internet, I stumbled upon this wonderful free bag pattern, at this blog HERE
Go to the site linked above to download your free pattern to this cute little bag, which only uses one fat quarter of fabric for the outer, and a small bit of whatever you have laying around for the inner...and those cute covered buttons that are all the rage at the moment? Wouldn't they look great on this little bag? Perhaps, for a young and hip chick, some crocheted flowers.

Here's another couple of versions from Made By Rae's Flickr group.

I've been gathering bag patterns for awhile now, from here and there, not because I like to make bags, but because I WOULD like to make them, whenever I get that spare hour or two (laughing hysterically!).

And I just can't turn down a cute, free pattern when I come across one. I might share some more with you one day, if you like.

Its also occured to me that fabric scraps from this projects might also look mighty nice used on a scrapbook page...somehow in a nice and simple way!

1 comment:

  1. COOOOOOOOL!!! If you were say bored one day (bwahahaha) and wanted to make say, um...TWO bags, I could quite possibly force myself to help you out;)


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