Thursday, April 23, 2009

Advice Needed!

Hello, you few readers of mine!

As you may know, I live way out in the sticks so any photo processing I do is normally online or by mail order.

I am totally loving the idea of Nicoles a few posts back of collaging photos into 8x10, printing and then adding to cardstock. However my biggest problem is cheap printing. Nicole has hers printed at Harvey Norman for $2.00 for an 8x10 (over the counter).

The cheapest online that I have found is extra film for $3.00 for an 8x10. I know its only one dollar more, but postage also has to go onto that - so it starts to add up!

Has anyone a good online service with great prices? I would appreciate it if you could leave information in the comments (australian folks!) I could print them myself I guess, but I don't think the quality compares (my printer is only an el-cheapo!)

Stay tuned - remember way back at Easter time we loaded hay? Of course you've all been waiting on the edges of your seats for some action shots of this - and for some shots of the quite overloaded truck that I drove home and terrorised fellow motorists with. It will be quite a thrilling post, I can tell you! ;-)

I also haven't forgotten about the branding I promised you ages ago - I finally retrieved my little camera from my husbands possession, but now its as flat as a toad on the road.

Here's another colour challenge o for you - I love the craft and red combination - with perhaps some vanilla thrown in. With the cooler weather coming in, it feels so very warm and cosy!


  1. I get all my pics printed through snapfish

    Good colours, fast and fairly cheap :)

  2. I use snapfish too,

    they have great sales
    normal prices 6 x 4 15c
    5 x 7 49 c
    8 x 10 $3.95 :(
    8 x 12 same price

    not sure why they are the same price but that is what the website is showing when i log in to do an order, you can also choose pick up at your local rabbit photo if you have one, prices are the same - but no postage.
    I also use rabbit they have some good discounts and I use harvey norman - did you check do they do online, the price Nicole is quoting is if you are a harvey member - the photo costs a lot more if you aren't sorry not much help

  3. Harvey seem to have an online ordering site, perhaps try emailing them about using the discount program on line. I will ask in my local store next time I am in there

  4. Hi Sharon,
    I just started using and I LOVE them.
    They are 18 cents for a 4x6, but the shipping is only $2 and the quality of the photos is brilliant.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope to see you here and there :)


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