Wednesday, April 1, 2009

One More Thing

Girls, I replied to your questions in the comments section of the last post - and thanks again so much for the comments on the hair do. Notice there isn't a AFTER shot of that one ;-) hee hee!

I have a dilemma - I have not one idea of how to scrap that photo that I love of the kids from the last post! I was thinking about what to say, and then I thought I'd use just what I wrote here:

"Photos like this, capturing your affection for each other and your joy for life, make me forget: the brawl you had just minutes before, and the fact that one of you RIGHT NOW is creating a rather intricate project involving string and a walkway that is sure to end with some sort of injury on my part later today, when I forget and walk there; the fact that the other one of you, RIGHT now, is showing the new kitties the budgies....and reminds me how much I love you all."

Not exactly prose, but it IS real, and it reflects EXACTLY what was happening today!

Any ideas, oh scrapping queens?

And, just to end the day with, look at the lovely things that came on the email...I LOVE newletters! ;) I tell you, all birthday gifts this year will be coming from this place (I know I won't ever get to making the things I see here!)

Are you seeing a theme here? :)

I'm into flowers today....and I'm thinking I need to find me a flower die that will go through my little used Cuttlebug (one of those "had to have" buys!) so I can make cute felt flowers like that...and how cute are those pin cushions?! I can blanket stitch, and I do have some felt...I don't have the time or motivation right now...and I wish I could crochet, seeing as that crocheted flowers are so hot right now!

Off to wrassle with more campdraft nominations right now...sigh.

Community volunteering is highly over-rated.

PS - If you are crafty, love gorgeous patterned fabrics and other bits and peices, you HAVE to bookmark this site. Just the place for all of those things I have been looking for - and reasonable prices too. Its going over there on my blogroll as soon as I get to it. Check it out!


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