Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Back

Weary, worn out.

I've been busy as secretary of our local campdraft this past weekend - but in saying that, it hasn't JUST been the weekend. Its taken weeks and weeks of preparation and countless phone calls to a president who probably doesn't want to speak to me for weeks (I know his vice presidents don't want to speak to HIM for ages!)

I went to town on Thursday, and prepared the office and organised things, didn't get home til 9pm. Friday I was back in town at 6am, went home at 9:30pm. Repeat for Saturday, but not home til midnight. Repeat again Sunday, home 9pm. All of the action finished on Sunday, but I had to go back on Monday to do the banking etc.

I should have camped in there so I didn't have the 30 minute drive there every morning. But the kids were at home with our wonderful helper Claire, so I thought I should make some sort of appearance there!

So you can see a pattern of early mornings, late nights and extremely busy days. The president chain smoked his way through the weekend but I don't partake of that bad habit so had to rely on caffeine!

I think, all in all it was quite a successful weekend, and judging from the bar takings the crowd had a great time as well!

I hope to get into some scrapping now that I have that behind me, just have some final administration things to tidy up tomorrow, and then I can put it all away!

Here's one happy winner, who happens to be a great little mate of mine, she's the daughter of long time friends. Its wonderful to see what a lovely young adult she is growing into - and her parents were so proud of her on the weekend. (photo courtesy of MD photographics - I didn't pick up my camera at all)

Hope to catch up on everyone's blogs and hear from you soon!

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