Sunday, April 26, 2009

keeping it real...with frogs

I was going to post Internet Goodness, but all in good time. With the bumper and extended wet season we had in these parts, came the influx of green frogs. We've always had green frogs, but this year there have been LOTS and LOTS of them - and lots of tiny baby ones too.

I like green frogs, but not to the extent of touching them in anyway or form.Georgie loves them, loves to catch them, which is great when I find one in an undesirable location and need it removing. Georgie catches them, names them (eg yesterdays catch was "Bill") and carts them off to a new home somewhere in the garden.

So far I haven't had too many where they shouldn't be - there is one very,very large one that visits the kitchen late each night, and his offspring on the front verandah, but I can handle that. What I couldn't handle was not one, but TWO having a party in the toilet one night this week. (I would have taken a photo, but our toilet is unfortunatley stained by the hard water here, so its not lovely and gleaming white, and not at all photogenic!)

This discovery meant I had to lever my snoring and protesting husband from the couch, where he removed the smaller of the two frogs and threw it outside (literally!) The bigger one decided to disappear into the S-bend, which had me disparing...what if he was to reappear during a midnight toilet visit...and heaven forbid - touched his cold, green foot to my bottom?!!!

My husband is very practical, and not very romantic. Nor terribly sympathetic to any greenie type of person who makes our livihood difficult. He pressed the flush button long and hard, and dispatched the hiding frog to a far less desirable location.

Just as a note - we are on a septic toilet system. So for the past day or so, when I've wandered past the septic tank, I've wondered how that big green frog was getting on down there...but I don't particulary care enough to find out!

Just so long as I don't get a cold green frog hand on my bum in the dark, wee hours of the morning.

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