Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where I Grew Up

{Edited: you can click on the image above to make it bigger, but I can't get the ones below to do the same thing...can anyone help me with that? I upload my images directly from my computer...any advice with this would be great, thanks!}

Completely motivated by Nicole's last post, I resolved to do some collagey pages up ready for when I do print. I have done this before, but not for any real purpose apart from playing. I intend to get the collage part printed 8x10, and would have done this on my home printer, but it's bailed up so did the whole thing digitally for the purposes of sharing. When I do print the photos, I will reassemble with paper very close to what I have done here.

I will probably use different colours to match the green in the text boxes, whatever I can find in "real" paper, and may shift the text so its justified... I have to say that this took an entire evening (after the kids went to bed) but I guess as I do more the process will simplify itself I will work out what size cropping works best so as to minimize the mucking around moving and resizing the images on the canvas. I have some Easter shots to do for my s-i-l, so a perfect opportunity to practise!

Incidentally, this is about where I grew up, on my family's cattle property. We were down there on Good Friday loading hay (JUST what I had planned :) for Easter) and my assistance wasn't required, so I wandered about the yard (which is huge) and house and took these photos, which is something I've wanted to do for ages. I will share more about where I grew up, if you like.

By the way, I am now a Truck Driver. Well, not really, but I got sent home with a full load of hay in our quite large truck (ie its big enough to tow trailers and has - get this - a 13 speed road ranger gear box - do I sound like I know what I am talking about? peals of hysterical laughter - ho ho hee hee haa haa! actually, all I know is that its got this tricky little hi/low switch so when you run out of gears, you can drive faster than 30kms per hour)

My truck driving experience in the past has been confined to the smaller, more user friendly and light weight variety of vehicle.

Anyhow I drove the 60 odd kilometres home with my boy asleep in the corner, and learned a few things about gear changes and making other motorists get out my way, thank you very much. Just kidding. Not.

My husband is very reassuring. Apart from telling me to "try not and leave the gearbox in peices" he also said, in passing as I departed, "Oh, keep an eye on the hay and make sure it doesn't catch alight from the exhaust!"

He didn't have an answer to my question as to what I would actually DO if the load caught alight.

I spent the trip home, in amongst softening up the gear box, with my head out the window hoping not to smell smoke.

Good news. No smoke. Gear box intact (well, it didn't fall out, though a few cogs might have a few rounded edges!!) and horn well used from judicious use.

Its no wonder I've needed copious amounts of chocolate today. I've only just realised what stress I was under!


  1. Thanks Sharon for the laugh this morning. you a such a goer, PW would be proud.
    Hope you had a happy Easter, the hardest thing I had to do was dodge other cyclists on the bike track!

  2. Totally love this layout! Perfect for my holiday pics!!!


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