Thursday, April 30, 2009

I need to start sewing again

to justify the collection of {free} patterns I am growing, along with the obsession I am also nuturing for the glorious ranges of patterned materials out there.

Bit like the patterned paper collection I have going. I seeing how little I actually use of the stuff, I really shouldn't buy anymore, but its so yummy, so darned irrestable!
I've been working in the office today, doing real work, as opposed to playing with photoshop and blogging and surfing the net. REAL work, like paying the bills, and BASing and that sort of stuff.
So I thought I'd take a break and let my brain unjumble itself, and share with you the yummy-ness that's been abounding this week. My brain is probably jumbled because of too much sugar - I've managed to work my way through (count 'em!) SIXTEEN mini cadbury eggs that were "hidden" in the freezer (someone overcatered for Easter!), but I'm childless for a few hours, so I'm revelling in the opportunity to eat chocolate and other contraband without someone asking me "What are you eating"and "Can I have some?" and "Why can't I have some?!" followed by wailing and crying ( and the latter is just from me!)
Anyhow, I digress. As usual.

Another bag - this one looks so easy! Can't remember where I found it (sorry!) but added the pattern to my collection.
Nothing to do with sewing, but I love this gallery, and in fact have a collection of frames very similar to these, that I bought on sale at Spotlight recently. Don't get excited, I haven't been anywhere - good old mail order. I'll share when I actually get them ON a wall.

This woman's designs and clever combination of fabrics have a fair bit to do with my new obsession. (Janelle Wind). I'm not sure I'd ever use a fabric journal cover, but they look so nice!

Look! Another bag! No pattern, this one just for the idea...the shape, the bow. Not sure on the pick of fabric combinations here, but its all subjective isnt it?!

Have never been an apron wearer, and probably won't ever be (basically I'm a grot!) but there's something about these...I think it might be the colour? Have you noticed that I'm a sucker for green?

Oh my, this cute beanie with its yo-yo. Have you noticed yo-yo's and crocheted flowers are HOT right now? I'm going to get myself a yo-yo maker (cheap as chips) and whip some up for the beanies the girls already have - not as cute as this hand knitted one, but they will be close once they have their co-ordinating yo-yo! (btw - you can get a beanie like this from

{This means I might have to give and and buy some new fabric! Oh joy!}

And while I'm at that, I could make some to add to hair clips. Haven't even done the covered button version yet!

And finally, this colour and pattern combo, while not green, makes my heart pitter pat.

Well, not really, but isn't this nice! Actually, I may have to change my favourite colour combo, just because of this.


  1. I'm loving that bag Sharon - it is gorgeous!

    and the toilet training layout is so funny - I was about to do my own toilet training layout - one for Joshua who is all done and over with - no more nappies for us - it's a great feeling!

  2. Hey there Sharon....always love stopping by your blog for some visual candy! I've been feeling the strong urge to stitch and

  3. Oops...forgot to finish before I sent my message....anyway, I've been feeling the urge to stitch and crochet and play with fabric and thread. Maybe cos winter is coming.....not so much where you are I guess :) . Anita. xxx


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