Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Incredibly Generous

This morning I had a visit from the lady that lives on the property next door to my parents. They have kids older than mine, her youngest daughter (of 4 kids) is in Grade 6 at another local small rural school. We aren't close friends, but are more than casual aquaintances, if you can understand?

This lady rang me the other day to ask if I were interested in any hand-me-down clothes for Kate, as she was cleaning out her daughters closet. I accepted with pleasure - I don't like having to buy new stuff for kids for play clothes {considering what state they end up in!} and Kate was rapidly running short of acceptable and fitting play clothes.

Well now. What we got this morning was the most amazing collection of hand-me-downs...this lady and her kids are always well dressed, so in the three huge bags was a heap of tops, shorts, skirts and jeans in Pumpkin Patch & Esprit, along with everyone's favourite Target etc.

There are at least 10 T shirts plus a few shorts and skirts, to go into the play draw, but the the rest are simply too good for "play" - in sizes that will fit her now, and next year, and the year after! Kate will have quite a diverse and quality wardrobe for the next few years - there will be little that I will have to buy, other than undewear and shoes, and odd bit to match in with this gear.

I am very thankful to have them think of Kate to pass these things onto. I have already written a little thank you note, and will have Kate do one of her own, and we might even make a bookmark or something cute as a small token of thanks.

Now I just have to make room for all of this new stuff! Kate will be itching to "go somewhere" now to get into some of her new clothes!

Speaking of kids rooms - wouldn't this be brilliant? Love the cupboard/book storage. Would also be awesome for girls shoes, would it not? (in the book section)

I am preoccupied with storage today. Just look at this office. Sigh. The green, the white, the natural light, those gorgeous windows. I tell ya', if I ever build a house (unlikley) its going to be awesome. And Pottery Barn homes will feature heavily in its inspiration.

This craft room below....not sure that I LOVE it, but I do admire that island.

Found a some stunning colours schemes to inspire you with - I'll share later. Back to the real world and paying bills.

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  1. Score on the second hand clothes!!!!
    Love those pretty rooms...ahhhh, one day;)


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