Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Because I have little else to share

apart from mounds of paperwork and pulled out hair as I deal with not only our businesses, but also organising what is going to be a humungous campdraft next week.

I've been looking for a new floor mat, to go with the new lounge that we are hoping to get sometime this decade. Its that busy here at the moment it feels like that's how long it will be before we get to the city...but tentative plans have been made, very very tentative and delicate ones. I am SO looking forward to having a comfortable place to, well, LOUNGE!

This is a mat I found on ebay. Love the colours....but then I remembered my grotty, grubby, uncivilised children. It might be too pale, but oh, I love the colours! Finally some green to lighten up my house!
And speaking of lounges, and rugs - wouldn't these cushions look lovely on my new chocolate lounge with its green and chocolate rug - or perhaps too matchy matchy?
Nice colour challenge for a page - I'm not so keen on the teal, but adore brown, white and celery!
Maybe I need cushions in thecolour ways below- see that green and orange floral one down in the corner, with some plain green and plain orange or even plain brown thrown in?

I always get carried away with trying to match and co-ordinate things. Then it gives me a headache so I give up and go have a nice lie down.

Pottery Barn deliciousness again: I want a camera bag that looks like one of these. Maybe a little smaller - and without the monogram. But you get the drift!

Anyhow, enough procrastination, I've mounds of work to do today, not to mention that I totally missed an appointment with our accountant this morning - which I thought was TOMORROW. The first time EVER in my life that I have missed an appointment because I was a total air head and got my days mixed up.

I need a holiday :)


  1. I LOOOOOVE those colours. I need a bigger house so i can have a million rooms all decorated differently just so I can do all the cool things I love!
    You find the coolest things :)

  2. LOVE that celery teal,brown white combo, Hope you get that rug - it is fab!! Just put a pool fence around it to keep the kids off! Love all the little bags you are finding. Wish I had a nice camera bag....

  3. Loving the colours! Such a nice colour scheme for a LO! We have a cream lounge with chocolate cushions and a throw. We have a wool rug that is way lighter than that and it holds up well with the kids - this is where they play. I will try to take a pic and upload it for you. We have a lovely chocolate wall it is called something coffee - I think it should be called chocolate myself! The bag and camera one are both great colours. My local baby store has some similar coloured nappy bags - love them to bits but can't justify - never really used a nappy bag.


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