Thursday, March 24, 2011


little boy beside my bed:"Mum, I'm gunna 'pew...."

OK then....





I think you get the idea.

The boy is currently on the couch; he makes occasional forays out and about, which end in more  'pewing {unproductive, as the little bit he ate for dinner last night was digested long ago!}.  A bit of cold lemon cordial and some cold finely sliced apple have also re-appeared, but I guess it tastes a lot nicer than nothing.

So, that is on my horizon today, plus a bit of horizontal nappish sort of time for myself - I don't operate on optimum at 4am, and the rest of the day as a consequence isn't all that sparky either. Am hoping most sincerely that I don't end up with 'pewing in triplicate, and the girls avoided getting the same bug.

And here is a random thought for you, that I pondered upon yesterday: why to do cutlery draws get so DIRTY?  I mean - clean stuff in, clean stuff out - and yet  - ye gads! how filthy was mine yesterday when I cleaned it.

And another:  Dogs. Horse poo {fresh of course}. Rolling. Eating. Rolling some more {with joyous doggy faces}.Why?


  1. Poor boy...and my question - why do fridges get so dirty? You put clean containers of food in their, mostly, so how to the shelves and plastic floor get like that?? Great mysteries of the world.

  2. I hope the boy is feeling better now. I had a girl like that a few days ago.


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