Friday, March 18, 2011

Random Friday Stuff

Today, through my own bad management and leanings towards procrastination, my bad memory and circumstance, I have an awful lot to accomplish.  One of which is to take in the skirt of my evening dress that I have to wear tomorrow night. Not leaving a lot of margin for error, given that what else I have to do and where else I have to be today - AND tomorrow!

My newly put together fit ball chair is too low.  Any ideas of how to get it to the correct height for desk sitting? (I fear the ball is already at maximum)  Am wondering how bricks and castor wheels might work together!

We got (another) big snake yesterday, and once again it was the cat that made me aware of its existence. He got a nice bit of milk as a reward.  Since Kate was bitten (reading the post makes me tearing all over again) back in 2009, we have more snakes than we've ever had in the previous 6 years of living here, and most of them in the past summer - 6 in total so far, and 2 of those in the past three weeks - those 2 being very large and nasty.  So, the cats stay, and we are becoming masters in the study of cat behaviour (cats are very good in the art of blocking up snakes - in much the same way a collie dog would block a sheep or cow!)  And one other thing...the bbq cover is no long hanging to the ground! (I don't think you want any further details or you too will develop the same twitch and nervousness that I have!)

Thinking of letting the chooks out in the afternoons now, as a snake deterrent, despite my love hate relationship with them:  they are destructive and messy critters in my garden!

I have a P & C meeting this afternoon.  I am currently secretary.  Haven't looked at any P & C business since late November last year! (see first paragraph)

My new love: pinterest.  I never got Tumblr at all, but this?  love love love.  And my hard drive has never been happy to be free of all of the "ooh, I might do that one day" ideas that I collect from the www.  Find me HERE (you might have to scroll down to see anything of interest).

I had a heap more to say after thinking about it and writing a wonderful post in my head at the clothesline, but now I can't remember a single word. 

See you next week!


  1. Happy Friday to you dear friend.
    I've just had a little cry in my coffee reading of your snake-bite incident. Terrifying stuff. And you know, as often as I think it, I still haven't got bandages in all the vehicles! Must put that on the 'to do' list.

    Yes, the dreaded P&C meeting. Although I shouldn't say that, we have quite a good crew here. I was Secretary for many years, have passed the executive baton to Matthew who is now President.

    And we're going to have to hear a lot more about tomorrow evening. We've got our show ball next Saturday night, black & white themed. And I'm not buying a new dress...seem to have a cupboard full of black and white evening wear so will make do with something in there.

    Pinterest, pinterest, pinterest. What the heck is pinterest? I've been seeing it in blogs everywhere, haven't had a look yet for fear of wasting even more time at this wretched computer.

    Good luck with your alterations and have a great weekend.
    (I got my wedding dress back from the dressmaker the Thursday before our wedding, promptly removed the entire bodice and replaced it (the lady at Lincraft couldn't believe it when I was buying Guipure lace for my wedding TOMORROW)!

    All's well that end's well!

  2. Know your "thing" about the cats and snakes (and mice at the minute).

    LOL about the post written while hanging the washing.....


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