Thursday, March 3, 2011

Designer or Dodgy?

It's could go either way - I am not sure!  Whichever, I am pleased that I achieved what I set out to do - and have been planning to do for some time - which was turn an adults skirt into a girls dress.

I searched for a tutorial on how to make the dress "pillowcase"style, but couldn't find anything close. So I winged it. Perhaps it looks it?  I'm not sure, flushed with the success of having a finished project that I am! (and notice the child admiring herself in the glass doors opposite has started already!)

1 So, I started with this:  a size 8 woman's skirt from the salvos, cost me $2.50.  A slight a-line shape to it, with a nice girly ruffle at the bottom. Pretty, romantic fabric, yes?_MG_5947 After thinking about it, I went and found a dress that fits the girl in question, and traced around the armhole. Made me a pattern - for "next time"! ;-)_MG_5953 (2)Deep breath, and cut.  And I stopped taking photos there, as I had to use my brain and it hurt a tiny bit...the skirt was lined with a lovely light lawn, and after the thinking, I was able to make the armholes nice and neat by sewing the lining and dress together.  There was more thinking and a wee bit of unpicking involved as well, as I decided to use the waistband of the skirt to thread the ribbon through for straps.  And that then required a bit more thinking as there is a zip in the back of that there skirt.  And then the search for enough wide ribbon for the straps (lets say supply is now exhausted).

But I got done, just as the big girl came home from school to try on her new dress.

2 4Now here is where you come in dear readers:  is this a creation that is successful enough for a public outing, with neater hair and nice big flower clip or pretty headband?  Or should we just keep it at home for a nightie or play dress (possibly just a nightie, knowing how the play clothes are mistreated around here!).

Let me know your thoughts, before I embarrass the child and make her wear this in public!


  1. Sharon, I absolutely love it.
    It looks such pretty fabric and the ribbon really sets it off.
    Well done to you.
    Definitely a 'good' dress suitable for public viewing.

  2. Sharon,
    I think the dress is darling!
    Great job :)
    (btw- the new font on my blog is called Homemade Apple, you also have it. Go to DESIGN tab (up top), then TEMPLATE DESIGNER, then ADVANCED and you will see all the new fonts listed, just scroll!)

  3. Gorgeous Sharon!! I love it - you are very clever! If only my girls would return to wearing dresses...*sigh*

  4. LOVE the dress!!!!

    LOVE the header!!!

    Love it if I sewed the fabric in my sewing room ;)

  5. Very suitable for wearing out. You have done a great job. I love the fabric..

  6. I agree with all of the above, the dress looks great and she looks particularly pleased with herself!! Love the new banner too. Regards Kathy


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