Wednesday, March 9, 2011

in the afternoons

before it gets dark, and when its cooled off a little, we walk over to our little horse paddock (a bit of borrowed common land, taped off with electric fence tape, at the back of the old cricket pitch) and fill up the horses' water trough.

We've gotten in the habit of taking some bread as a treat for them, and call out to the horses before we get to the paddock. Its so much fun to see them pop their heads up from down the flat, and come running to meet us.( It's also a little insurance policy to make sure they don't ping off on the day that we go to catch them!)

_MG_5971"OOOH, look Simmo, she's got a bread bag!"  "yeah Touche old man, but one of those little ones is riding some wheeled contraption!  look at IT!  woah!!"

Well, maybe that is what they are thinking, I dunno.

_MG_5982  This is the other part of the trio - Ben. He's far more sensible and comes in his own good time, knowing that we always keep his share of the bread for him.  He also lives being hosed, and loves the kids (and isn't that a snazzy looking little trough?!)  ;-)

_MG_6001Patting Simpson (aka Simmo) can be quite an adventure.  He is a wee bit...cheeky.  Likes to nibble.  Little boys aren't keen on having their fingers nibbled. Can't say I blame him.

_MG_5999But we love him all the same. Because he really seems to miss us once we leave. That, or its the bread!

_MG_6013 (2) (PS:  I just found some more advanced photo editing within live writer - in this case I was able to colour pop and sharpen - and while the ability to control how much is limited, its still great for this lazy person!)


  1. Beautiful photos Sharon.
    I might have to try sweet-talking our steeds in that manner after a horse-catching fiasco yesterday.
    Being a beautiful day here (our weather's cooling), I thought I'd saddle up to get a close paddock of breeders in. Riding the quad down into the horse paddock, with saddle and bridle on board, the first horse I thought I'd catch, tucked tail between legs and bolted clean away. My usual old plug seemed a safe bet, but upon approaching him, he too lit out!
    With not even a backward glance, I flung bridle back in quad, and yarded the cattle on the bike!
    Moral of the story: horses must be run into yard for catching.

  2. My two are very impressed with your menagerie - especially the younger one who has a mild animal obsession!

  3. nice horse pics and good light

  4. OMGosh..always wanted a horse!!!!


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