Sunday, March 13, 2011


We don't get to go to the movies, but I do grab DVD's when we go to the coast or our closer bigger town.  The other day I grabbed Open Season Three, and Up.  Now I think, like a lot of movies, Open Season lost most of its charm with the follow-ups, from the bit I saw.  And I didn't watch Up with the kids today, however I did hear the howls of laughter, so I figure it must have been good!

The story takes a twist:  Fiona linked to an Alan Jackson song over on her blog, for the rather surprising number of people out there who don't know who he is! Funny - I would have thought everyone would have known, but then again, we live in the sticks, and grew up on country music and Slim Dusty. And while I won't say our taste in music is still just country (we are a little partial to Pink, Abba and other musicians I have no idea whose names are, seeing as we don't really "follow" music!) that is where our roots lie, and therefore we like Alan Jackson! ;-)

So, as I followed Fiona's like to listen to Alan Jackson (seeing as I didn't think to go to his Brisbane concert, unlike the great population of North West Queensland) I discovered this same song and a video clip from UP! Not sure if its part of the soundtrack or not, but I really enjoyed this - although, ahem, there might have been tears.  If it wasn't part of the soundtrack for this movie, it should have been - the song is perfect for this little clip. Just perfect. Watch it.


  1. How funny is that!
    I really thought everybody would know Alan Jackson, country music fan or not. The concert was wonderful, he just came out with his guitar and sang solidly for two hours. Some of my friends up here aren't great fans because he doesn't bounce around the stage, but his voice was what I wanted to hear. (By the way, I'm not a concert-goer as a rule, it was only that friends bought me the ticket).
    Any rain yet. We've had another two inches in the past two days. Nearly ready to dry out, our hay paddock's never going to get re-planted at this rate.
    Have a good week.

  2. Fiona: nope NO BLOODY RAIN YET. a few mm's, but that doesn't count. Its a bit like the eye of the cyclone here - rain all around but a big sunny-ish gap in the middle.

    hopefully our turn will come...but I do feel for your hay paddock - or lack thereof! you will get there though, just think of the sub soil moisture!

  3. Oh Sharon watch the whole movie its really good and I cried in the theatre watching that clip much to my childs embarrassment


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