Wednesday, March 2, 2011

planning way ahead of time

So my littlest boy doesn't have a birthday until September. And he will be (oh dear lord) five on that day.  He's too little to be five this year.  He's still my baby!

Anywho, my issues with my baby not being a baby anymore aside, the other day he was looking over my shoulder at my emails or blog surfing or something, and he saw a picture of a child with a very cute sock monkey.  You know, the ones that are all the rage around the crafty www world at the moment (or so it seems).  He was very taken by this toy, and I have to admit they are terribly cute.

So here are my dilemmas: 

Is five too old for a cuddly toy?

Will he think he is too big and too boy for a cuddly toy?

Should I get one now while they are all the rage and easy to find?

Am I getting waaay to far ahead of myself, given that his birthday is SEPTEMBER?

Would I be able to restrain myself and not give it to him as soon as it arrived in the mail?!

Of course, one has had to research this sock monkey thing  - here are my options.

89827e712Da19b2D4c9d2Da62f2D7917bd217c6cSockM9I could make my own.  Now this does sound quite fun (although this version while looking like Curious George, is a tad boring compared to others I've seen)  but I really would have to purchase now to ensure I had it made in time, given  my track record at actually getting things done.

Or, I could buy one ready made, from madeit or etsy.

6d09c0b62D38762D446f2Da0e62D0942f91411ef72502nThere is the metro and most handsome Phillip. He likes music.

776956512Dea772D407f2Db42a2Da58b3c25c6a5Wally  Or cheerful Walter.  He likes, rather obviously, to play hide and seek.

sm Or the long and lanky Howard...(who also has a brother - Barry - in shades of blue and white).

As you can see, quite pressing and heavy matters on my mind this morning. Your advice would be appreciated!


  1. 1. I think I need Walter.
    2. Yes, a bit ahead of yourself - who knows what kids that age like from one month to another ... or is that just my fickle two?
    3. How's the bite?

  2. My kids think they are cool. I wouldn't be able to keep one in hiding for that long and I'd have to buy them all one.

  3. I agree with Amy about needing a Walter ;)
    I definitely buy ahead :)

  4. Give it too him now!!!!!
    Goooo on!

  5. Another Walter fan here too. I think he would love one. I know mine would and they are real true boys.

  6. I have to confess. I went and bought Walter. I'm sorry, it was love at first sight ;)


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