Monday, March 7, 2011

*flooding rivers*

*kid style

When the kids go over to the sandpit, and ask to use the hose (or not) I give them free rein.  Water + sandpit + kids = peace and quiet for some time for me.

They get quite busy engineering rivers and moats and exciting stuff.

_MG_5925Its quite scientific and learning - like how high to make the walls (and where does the water go? straight down through the sand!)

Its also amusing for destructo kitty #1 (or #2, who can tell, they both look the same), who apparently missed the part in the kitty manual about cats not liking water.

_MG_5931 And even quite David Attenborough-ish, with the discovery of little frogs that live in the sand, flushed out by flooding rivers and stomping children.

_MG_5926The Husband calls them Pobblebonk Frogs, not from any sort of scientific approach or research, but because apparently that is the sort of noise they make when it rains.  I can't confirm or deny this, not have been witness to this type of frog making the noise.  They do however, puff themselves up when handled.

_MG_5939And disappear quite quickly into the sand far away from flooding rivers and engineering children.

Fortunately for the frog, it was also far away from sandpit digging uncles, who came along and decided that excavations  needed to be enlarged.

_MG_5940And then freckle nosed six year olds with no front teeth demanded that I "take a picsha" of them in the tree.

_MG_5943(image SOOC - I need to do some slight editing of this one, as I love it, it captures this child perfectly!  does it say "ratbag" to you?!)

End of story.


  1. My kinda play the first pic :)

  2. I used to love it when my kids made moats etc in the sandpit. It would occupy them for hours at a time.
    Oh how I miss those days. Life was so much simpler.

  3. <Maybe your hubby read the book Pobblebonks?
    That looks like so much that kitty plays too :)

  4. Awesome sandpit. Looks like great fun. And the kids were very creative. Did you scrap? Our cat likes water too?

  5. Pobblebonks are their real names!

    And Oh! For the days when water and a sandpit were all that was needed...


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