Saturday, March 5, 2011

tulle yo yo's and random ideas

So, remember the cover I made for my SIL's digital cutter, and the tulle yo yo I used:
_MG_5810 Just imagine a whole load of these on the front and back of a crocheted singlet. Now that idea might just appeal to you as a lovely bit of apparel, and while I am thankful indeed for hand-me-downs, I promptly took the scissors to this singlet.
I've used this yo-yo's before on random craft items, but after a comment, and then quick email conversation yesterday with the hilarious Tania (who, even for the reader who doesn't knit, or crochet etc -  makes them enjoy the experience - or lack thereof - thoroughly!) I had one of those "aha" moments.
I've long hidden this pile of yo-yo's from my bowerbird girls.  I know this is just the sort of thing they would love to ferret away and use in their barbie houses and leave on the floor and under their pillows and scattered in any conceivable and unconceivable part of the house.
But on a cute cushion for their beds! the best of both worlds!  A list of benefits:they could enjoy the cuteness and girlyness of the tulle yo-yo without having them all over the place; I retain my sanity;  there would be one less bit of crap cluttering my craft area!
I have 21 yo-yo's at my disposal, however I don't necessarily have to use them all.  Some design ideas:
il_fullxfull_96508296 I'm currently favouring a 3x3 (using 9 yo-yos for each pillow) grid pattern, somewhat like above, but with a wider outside border. On lime green fabric, as I have oodles of it, and it would go with their doona covers.
Another thing for the DO list!

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  1. I love it. I have not done the Yo-yos but my aunt would make afghans out of that pattern.


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