Friday, March 4, 2011

This may be the one

I've been eyeing off those lovely pendants that are around at the moment, you know the circle ones, with names engraved.  Never bought one, as lovely as they were, none of them really felt like me.

This version, however, may be it.

ab3911b62D0f022D4f4e2Da8712Db1d5fbbd12c7132a not sure why this one - maybe the simpleness of it?  and I like the engraving/stamping of the letters.  In my case, I would have each of the kids names - three of them (first names only) separated by the little heart stamp. Spacing wise, this should fill up around the same amount as the one above.

I do like the little hanging peal charms I've seen on others similar.  I think I'd like just one charm.

Ah, other heavy and important things for me to think about! ;-)   

Link HERE (ethereal silver)


  1. That is beautiful, and simple.
    I have a slightly concave heart pendant with all four names engraved, and a little pearl that fits in the concave section of the heart. I thought I was so 'hip' at the time I got it, now I see there everywhere!

  2. I've also seen the "layers" of discs or hearts - that get smaller towards the front, with the little pearl too....which I love the idea of...can't make up my mind, that is the problem....would you share yours with us Fiona?


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