Monday, March 7, 2011


or maybe I need to invest in some fancy smancy actions.



Version 1

g 02 01

Version 2

g 02 02

version 3

g 02 03I really wanted to bring out those freckles and the blue eyes (which aren't that blue in the photo actually).

I haven't used or looked at action for ages, and haven't ever bought any (well, I lie, I bought two, that aren't appropriate in this case).

Any recommendations?  I have plenty of freebie hazy type of ones, I think I want some pop and colour and something to make a shot like this sparkle...


  1. I really like the B&W and the first action one .... I like the florabella actions but they are quite expensive and have never bought them.
    Years ago, I learnt a trick from Tina Cockburn regarding eye sharpening.
    On your photo, select the eliptical marquee tool and then click and drag over the eye area. While you have the marching ants dotted line, sharpen this area only - to your taste and what looks reasonable and not freaky, also bump up the saturation and then deselect. Repeat for the other eye. This takes a bit of practice but can be AMAZING if you get it right. It has worked really well for a few shots of my kids.

  2. Have you tried the Pioneer Woman actions? They are pretty neat!
    I like all of these though :)

  3. I liked version one, perhaps because of the eyes, don't mind 2 either. But I am into colour at the moment.
    I have news I must share too. A camera moved into our place last weekend. Very exciting! xx


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