Sunday, March 6, 2011

all quiet on the western front

I'm not much of a baker; well I CAN bake reasonably well, its just that I don't very often. I don't even dislike doing it - rather I dislike the mess I make (inevitable) and how quickly the results are consumed, meaning I would then have to do it all over again in a very short space of time, when I haven't even gotten over the stress of cleaning up the mess I made in the first place.

So, smoko's of an exciting baked nature don't come our way that often.

_MG_5910As you can tell from the expressions on their faces!

And lest you think I went all Fiona or Amy like (those two being ladies - both of whom I'd love to visit in real life and sample their cooking!) who like cooking and whip up wonderful delicacies at a moments notice, let me set you straight.  I spied a "bare" double sponge cake on sale at Woolies, and brought it home with me. 

I should have grabbed another, as really I wasted one cake by making it a double layer. But it was yummy!  With cold just-whipped cream and generous lashings of strawberry jam, there wasn't much left over once we'd all had a generous slice (or two, ahem!)

_MG_5913 However, nothing like this for smoko today;  we had a reasonably late night last night celebrating an engagement, and no-one seems to firing on all cylinders, mother included!


  1. lalalalalaaaaaaa ... I am not looking!

    Great shot of the kids though :-)

  2. Don't think I haven't been known to resort to the Woolies sponge on the odd occasion!
    And I'd love to share a coffee with you one day too.
    Having been away for the weekend, I'm only just catching up with you. I'll certainly put a photo of the necklace up for you to have a look at. Will try and remember where I bought it too.
    Are you getting rain?

  3. great, thanks would love to see the necklace - have done some more "research" and now don't know if I am arthur or martha! ;-)

    and nope, no rain (sigh) I think its further to the west...we seem to be in the middle - rain to the east and rain to the west and NONE HERE!

  4. Oh looks yummy. Am off in Amy's direction next week, so I will try to tee up a visit with her. I could come your way too if some more cake is on offer!


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