Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Allright, Allright

To stop the nagging, and asking and asking, here it is:

The Most Awful Photo Ever of me - dressed up to go to the ball. Note to self - don't ever ask husband to take photo.

IMG_6110Mind you, my own fault for not striking a more flattering pose, or even SMILING. And if I look hot and a wee bit bothered, I probably was. It WAS hot (stormed that night) and I had just wrassled my way into those  hold-you-in-pants - which are great, but do take some thought and energy to get into. And the absence of ones smart mouthed husband!

I did like my shoes:

IMG_6111(and yes, I didn't realise it until now, I took a photo of my weird toes. more than you wanted to know about me, right?!) but the shoes are nice. And reasonable comfy, even though my few sessions of clomping around the house weren't enough to prevent this, after 8 hours of walking around, and even the odd (bad) dance or two, in them.

_MG_6115So enough with the feet - and some evidence that the rest of the women in my small town indeed know how to glam it up:_MG_6114This photo was taken under lights, but with no flash, at 1600 ISO. Pretty darned good I reckon, even if it is a bit grainy.  And those two girls in the middle - one is 6 months pregnant, and the other has a 4 week old baby - you'd never know though in those lovely dresses! They had a lovely day - doing hair, and nails and makeup and getting dressed, and then had a lovely girls night out (all husbands left at home with the kids!) and stayed right until the end. As did I, being one of the committee. Although after the cleaning up was done, and they cracked open the champers at around 2:30am, we left - champers on a tired mind with a 40km drive home just doesn't mix!

Let me end with this:  my days handling 3am bedtimes are long gone.  Recovery very slow!


  1. Hot mama! As in looking good - though, you were obviously feeling hot from the weather too!

    I love the colour on you Sharon and the whole ensemble really looks fantastic!

  2. I think you look lovely!

    And I totally know the "DH-can't-take-a-decent picture" syndrome.

  3. loved your look gorgeous an ouch on the big toe!! I think you did a great job of the photo of the girls with no flash as well and I'm jealous of the one that just had a baby and the one that has a baby in her belly...they look stunning too.

  4. Sharon, you look terrific!
    I fully understand just how much work is involved in the organisation of such an event. It's our turn this weekend.
    Beautiful shoes, can't imagine how your feet were feeling by the end of the evening though! Yow!

  5. Lovely to see you. And the dress is gorgeous, you look fab love the shoes. And I bet it was fun even with the slow recovery

  6. I love the photo of the girls... awesome. It's got a real mood to it.


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