Friday, March 25, 2011

Something you don't see every day

The other day, a house drove by.
_MG_6021A rather large house!
We see houses and demountables on a regular basis actually, but this one was the biggest we've seen transported for a very long time, if not ever.  The no longer used shearing quarters from a property out on The Downs, it was bound for a property near us, to be renovated into a home. Quite exciting actually, we could see it had good weatherboard bones.
Quite a lot of manpower and escort vehicles was require for the move of this building - road signs had to be taken down to fit it through.  And amazingly, it went around this right angle corner with barely blink.
And there she goes, on her way. Can't you see some of the windows being replaced with french doors, and opening onto a wide verandah, which I am sure is on the plans. Makes me want to do some work on my old house again!
So there you go: how to move a house.


  1. Yes, those houses do look funny going down the street and you wonder what on earth all the noise is. I remember about 10 years ago I woke up in middle of the night at my old house (in the next street) and thought that a jet plane was landing on the road, flashing lights, tree branches being broken off.... then 8 years ago we did the very thing (different house) but we were in Melbourne on holidays so all the neighbours were up in the middle of the night seeing our house which was split in 2 leave our block.

  2. Can we have progress on the house please. I love that you can move houses and that they are so important to someone they want to take them with them


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