Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Weekend that Was

I realise that it very nearly is another weekend, but last weekend and this week has flown past and has been full of uneventful but nevertheless time consuming events. So, catching up...

Last Friday we drove 2 hours to the east to attend a Deb Ball, wherein I realised just how old I was getting watching all of these kids I knew as babies that were debutantes or escorting debutantes...and appreciated what fine young men and women they are turning into.

This gorgeous young thing was one of the debs:

_MG_6850(and how hard is it to take a decent photo when its just on dark and are outside with no other lighting!) She had a great night, dancing her little feet off. She's recently had a hard life lesson in choices that she'd made and the consequences of those choices - and come through with chin held high. Life can be hard when you aren't quite a grown up, but are so very nearly there.

Camera batteries died at this point and I got over that and went on to enjoy the evening, although geez, the music was loud (again with the getting old!)

And then started the beginning of a full on few days. That night we got a message that my brother had been flown out with a badly infected knee - and of course all happening when he had a yard full of some 300 cows. We drove home the next day, stepped out of the car, into our work clothes and over to the dipping yards, which happen to be just a stone's throw from our house. We dipped the cattle (for cattle tick) and brother shouted (from his hospital bed) a carton of beer for all workers that turned up to help. Aren't neighbours and mates great.  Bright and early the next morning, we loaded them onto trucks to my parent's place.


I am pleased to report that no trucks were bogged this time, skies were blue and gorgeous, and I had my camera! THIS is what our cattle (or in this case, my brother's) get transported on:  Double deck trailers. In this case, this is six decks, on which around 120 head give or take, would be transported. On this day, we unloaded around 18 decks of cattle (which equals three of these triple trailer road trains) This was a great exercise in testing oldest child's math skills.


A different perspective. Granma and the kids hanging off the bike. Yep, the kids were at Granma's the whole time we were deb-balling and dipping and loading cattle. Very convenient.

And so ends the most disjointed blog post ever - from deb balls to trucking cattle, but that is pretty much how our weekend panned out. Not slow and relaxing at all, no time for housework or washing or blogging or anything else really. Quite a contrast. And quite tiring!

I was pleased to see the end of the weekend. And the back of those trucks.


Brother still not home; discharged from hospital, but not home. Why rush when all of the work has been done!


  1. Photos at dusk are very hard to get - you did a great job Sharon :-)

    I love seeing these glimpses into your life, the scenery is a great contrast to that down here and we don't have all those cattle to deal with either ... well, my Dad maybe, not us here in suburbia!

    Hope your brother is on the mend soon.

  2. Terrific photos, all of them Sharon. Your country's looking a little Wintery ... as is ours, amazing how this cool weather seems to cause everything to brown off. Bit browned off with it myself. Sore lips, cracks in fingers, the whole winter wonder!
    I'm losing track of days this week too. Can't believe we're nearly through another, and the kids are counting down to holidays. Didn't we just do that?
    No complaints.
    Enjoy the show this weekend.


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