Sunday, August 30, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Georgie had an extended fifth birthday celebration this year, with her birthday on Thursday, and a little gathering on Saturday. And cause her dad left in the wee hours, and didn't get to enjoy the fun of the present opening {"are there any MORE presents to open Mum?"...."Umm, NO! Don't you think you've had enough?!'} we had a special little cake that night.

We set the smoke alarm off with the sparklers - but it was worth it. Other kids demanding sparklers for their birthdays too, now. I think next time we'll do it outside, the smell stayed inside all night!

Here she is, with THE cake. This was heavily inspired by a cake that Nicole did for her daughter earlier in the year; I don't think I did my version nearly as well, but hey, it was late, I'd had an unexpected visit to town to take Kate to the doctor (all OK, just needed some steriod medication to deal with the after affects of the anti venom) and I was drooping tired. But the kids are never critical - after all -cake is cake!

My good friend Mel (the one whose blog we are going to make soon, AREN'T WE, MEL?!) took control of my camera to take these photos for me. Maked a nice change for me!

Mel couldn't resist taking a photo of the inside of the cake - a rainbow cake! I only had normal food colouring, but my internet research tells me that gel food dyes give a better result. And also, make sure you use real butter for butter frosting, not margerine. The marg worked OK, but butter tastes nicer. No matter, there was very little left after the kids and the grown ups all had a slice!

And if the morning running around with three little friends and a little cousin wasn't enough, another little friend and her older brother (such a nice boy, Angus was in heaven to have a BOY to play tractors and trucks with!) dropped in unexpectedly after lunch, for a couple of hours. More fun and playing!

And, to end the day, we all trooped off down to our big shed (not in our back yard - long story, but its about 2kms away) to help Trevor load some weaner feed. Such a simple task - that is until the bl*#dy forklift got dry bogged going into the shed, so I had to PUSH the thing into the shed (after pulling it out of the bulldust, and pushing, and pulling) with the bull bar of the toyota, and then had to drive the forklift as Trevor pulled it back out of the shed. None of this happened quietly or easily (or with good temper on Trevor's part!), or in daylight, so the kids did not enjoy the experience greatly.

Oh, but wait, there's more! When we got home, well after dark - after finally getting the feed loaded - there was NO WATER! (council water people, are your ears burning?!). More bad temper, this time on the part of the mother, so we bucketed some water from the rainwater tank to the bathtub, only to discover, with the last bucket load, the water was ON again.

What a day!


  1. LOOOOOVE the cake and the pics!!!

  2. That cake looks awesome... almost too good to eat!
    The photos are great, too. Keep up the good work!


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