Friday, August 21, 2009


Sorry for the doom and gloom but I just wanted to add this little story: when we were running around getting Kate to an ambulance etc on Monday evening, a girl that we know (an ex-girlfriend of my brothers' actually) was going through one of the worst days of her life.

Her husband was killed in a light plane crash on their property. She saw it happen.

They have a 8 week old baby boy.

I just cannot imagine how she is coping and what she is going through. She has a wonderful close and extended family, and her parents-in-law also live on the same property (horrifyingly, she was home alone at the time of the accident) so support for her will be strong. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of her and her baby.

So, as my girl has a sleep in, safe in her bed in her bedroom with her little sister (the chatter from their room last night after lights out indicated that they may have missed each other just a teeny bit!) it puts our little blip into perspective. Maybe I'm a little naive, but I never ever thought that we wouldn't be bringing our girl home - sure there were a few minutes that I was worried that we might have to remember our CPR, but never that she wouldn't come home.

Thinking and praying for Ele and her little baby boy today, and being very grateful. And possibly going back to being the cranky mum that makes 'em pick up their crap and NOT draw on their doona covers...getting back to normal!!


  1. Oh Sharon. What a terrible day last Monday was. I have no words.

  2. I know this will sound a bit strange...does she scrapbook? The class you are thinking of doing could one day be a great way for her to record her memories of her husband for her son. It will be a while before she would be able to do something like this but when I did it for Mark it made me cry, smile and laugh. I was very good for the soul.
    A long way off for her but something that could one day help and maybe a way you can help.

  3. I know that Di is speaking from experience. But it is so true words and memories can be so helpful in processing the grief, and in preserving the happy times, which will be so important to share with her little one! Sharon what a week! I hope you are all taking the weekend off so to speak to just hang out with your family! Lots of love xxx

  4. OMG...How horribly horibly awful...

  5. Nothing like someone else's tragedy to put our woes into perspective but that should not diminish how terrifying your experience was, thankfully it all turned out OK. My thoughts are with that poor family.

  6. That is just too much to bare. What a horrendous week you have had. I'm so, so sorry for Ele and what she had to witness. I don't even know her but totally send my love, my heart goes out to her and her precious boy. xxoo


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