Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Races

Yesterday was our local race day, and it was such a busy day that I am absolutley shattered today - or else I am getting a cold or something. Spent the morning make sandwhiches and carting it all out to the food shed and setting it all up, then after setting speed records dressing everyone, spent the afternoon & evening selling food and drink (non alchohlic) to the racing public! I didn't think to take a photo of the shed, but its corrogated iron (thankfully with a cement floor) - very rural and rustic.

It turned out to be a rather cool and windy day, so the kids were happy to wear their nice winter outfits AND tights! I was smart and put footless legging thingys on Georgie (not that you could tell, she had long boots on) but couldn't find any in Kate's size/colour so she had to wear real tights. What a pain, they kept falling down! I made the girls flower things the night before - made Georgie's from an old brooch of mine and sewed it to an oversized clip, whilst Kate's I pulled apart a huge fake flower and then sewed a button in the middle and then onto a stretch elastic headband. They both loved their "fascinators"! Angus couldn't go without his faithful felt hat - I love his little woollen vest. Sadly I don't think he'll fit into that next winter, and I dont' think we'll be going anywhere else suitable to get another lap out of it this year!
A local lass was roped into doing face painting, so my girls happily lined up to get some done - Kate's rainbow was so cute! (and when are those teeth going to grow?!) She came over to the food shed so I could take a photo...
Here are Trevor and Angus, lined up for the Gents Fashion on the Fields (with the young bloke who won it - I think the yellow tie was the clincher!) . Angus wasn't in it, but needed a rest on his dad's shoulder and wouldn't come down for love or lollies! Trevor is never impressed about being selected as an entrant in this event (some words were muttered about not being a "show pony"!), but was "persuaded" that it would be rude to not show up for the judging.

And here are three of my lovely friends - Donna, Mel (love the orange!) and Yvonne (look out soon for Mel's new blog; I have finally talked her into doing a blog for her photography business, and will be helping her (ahem, might also be called "nagging"!) set it all up in the near future) Donna was one of the other mums in the food shed, and Yvonne used to be one of them too, until she moved down the road a bit (like 100kms down the road!) Yvonne tells me that she went and found a hat to wear because she knew I would give her a hard time if she didn't! (she knows me well!)

I dragged Trevor and the kids home around 7:30pm when it started to get really cold, and it became apparent that the kids really needed to come down from that sugar high that they were on (and after Angus didn't use the toilet for a poop, if you get my drift! still have issues with that, but slowly making progess!) The younger two both went to bed in a sobbing, screaming heap after a bath and big glass of milk to counter-act the CRAP that they'd been ingesting all afternoon, and Kate just melted into bed quietly (she too had been ingesting crap, but also a sausage burger, so that balanced it out a little!)

This morning was spent cleaning up - washing up and putting away the equipment used in the food shed and BBQ stuff from the burgers we did in the evening. Right now, I think I might need a nanna nap, and a movie for the kids - and some pants for the boy, who is running around pants-less for some unknown reason (no poop - I already checked that!).

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of our race day for 2009!

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