Sunday, August 30, 2009

Puppies and editing

Puppies - they are growing, and are very fat, and very, very cute. Everyone reckons that they are FAT, but I reckon that they are hungry and keep feeding them some more. Well, considering they are only just learning how to eat from a food bar that isn't their mum, it isn't that much, but they seem to enjoy it!

Having some playtime on the lawn. This is Jedda and Bear having a wrassling (and aren't little puppy dog "woofs" the cutest?!) The other two are Bernard and Bug. Bug is the little girl runt, and until recently, could curl up and have a sleep in my cupped hand. She's tiny but seems to be doing really well.

I've found home for the two girls (Jedda and Bug) so have to get word out about the boys. They should be good workers - they have a good pedigree, even if accidental!

The big girl, giving Bear a cuddle. This was an atrocious photo, still is a bit dodgy, but the camera went flat just as I took it, and then of course the moment was lost. Below is the before, and after some diddling in Elements and running a "honey" action. I could have done some more mucking about to pop her eyes...but couldn't muster the enthusiasm (nor quite remember what I should do!)
"After" surely is an improvement though, isn't it?!


  1. Loving the puppies, and After is way beeter! So nice to hear about the birthday celebrations. Hope Georgie had a great weekend. Much better stories than last week.

  2. way too cute! we are hoping that a puppy may take residence here before Christmas! we are debating...lad or golden retriever (long hair)...any thoughts?

  3. Di - do you have a big, well fenced yard? I know labs (mum had one) love to wander and love excercise, and I think retrievers are the same. They both ADORE water, and labs love to theive things - mum's used to pinch her hose fittings (it followed her all around the garden), and she suspects they all ended up in her dam/pond at the back of the house, where it used to play constantly. That's the cons - pros are they are the most lovely natured dog ever, and love kids and vice versa....and if you get a girl dog, you can get some $$ back by breeding and selling the puppies
    ;-) Hope this helps!

  4. Oh oh oh! Puppy squishyness!!! Love the after shot! Makes me want photo shop even MORE! LOL


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