Saturday, August 15, 2009


I am not sure if I picked it up in town when I took my boy to the doctor, or its a version of the nasty virus that's been circulating around our very small township since the races, but I have felt absoultely l.o.u.s.y. for the past few days. I thought I might have been on the improve, but the fever came back this arvo, and although the body aches and pains have gone, my throat is raw from unproductive coughing fits.

So, that's what's happening in this part of the world...sorry for such a depressing post! I've done little other than the bare minimum the past few days, and the kids have pretty much run riot.

But just so its not all doom and gloom, I'll leave you with a tiny bit of internet goodness that I found a while ago and hadn't gotten around to sharing yet...Firstly this cute ipod or phone case - totally doable - this one is made from felt and just stitched with very simple embroidery. If I had an ipod or gadget like this I would make one. Hey - what an idea for a cute christmas present for the girl-friends-in-law (my term for my brothers girlfriends!) An owl one would be cute too...These hippos are just the cutest, are they not? They are here just cause they are just that. CUTE!

And finally - can't remember where I found this darling stitchery, but even though my sewing skills are very rusty (might explain why my sewing machine refuses to work!) I think I could handle this one! This would look cute framed as a gift...Its just occured to me, that even though I have never been a fan of the cluttered country style of decorating that used to be in (I think my style would be "modern country" or simple "lived in and messy", I still enjoy these little touches of handmade.

Enough rambling from this feverish and incoherent woman...

PS pups getting rater chubby and squishing now - and loud little boogers! they are getting most photogenic now, so stay tuned, I'll try and take some pics tomorrow, providing I don't expire tonight (cough, splutter ) :-)


  1. Its no good lying around sick when all you want to do is browse the internet or lie in bed, when you have guilt & 'should be's' piling up around you. Take it easy, Jo

  2. You poor love! I hope you get well fast!

  3. Hi, Thats a Rosalie Quinlan stitchery : ). I just found your blog, after a bit of hopping, I 'll probably pop back and visit you again sometime if thats OK : )


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