Monday, August 10, 2009

New Chooks

A few weeks ago, I bought some new chooks - two black ones, and two brown ones. My friend Mel {the one who is going to have a shiny new photography blog soon!} asked me to post some photos of them.

So here they are -Bettina, Henrietta, Bridgid and Harriet.

Not really, I am not so anal as to name my chooks. Only my poddies. I am more likely to swear at my chooks when they scratch up the garden. But come to think of it, I have been know to swear, quite loudly and extensivley when the poddies have EATEN my garden! So really, logically, there is no reason why I don't name my chooks, but I just don't, OK?!

Note : I intend to turn this collage into a scrapbook page - print this 6x8 and put on A4 cardstock with some journalling about the chooks - and the plants flowering on the chook run fence - and pretty paper there somewhere. Very simple stuff.

The red ones are a breed I haven't had before, and they are quite regal - they don't walk the same as the other chooks - they carry their legs higher or something. And they are not as quiet - the black ones are quite sedate - and also like finding ways to escape and eat my plants.

They are also yet to lay a solitary egg, so I am thinking of taking the axe and leaning it on the gate - a not so subtle hint to "start a-layin', girls!". At $25 a chook, they best start earning their keep!

In other animal news: my dog Sally had pups yesterday {a little "accident" fathered by the dog just down the road. They had a wonderful frolic, his owner told me. I promised her that she could have one or more of the offspring so the father could take some responsibility!} She had four squirmy, squeaky little bundles of joy, two girls and two boys. The kids have to be restrained from visiting the dog pen every 5 minutes, as Sally wags her tail vigoursly at all visitors and causes all sorts of mayhem amongst the babies!

Over-run by animals, that's what we are! Stay tuned for the PUPPY GIVEAWAY, scheduled for sometime in the next 6 weeks!


  1. Oh so Cute!! The chook names AND the new pups!

  2. What is that beautiful white flower in your photo? I want that in my garden. It might be the only pretty thing I have in the garden...not really the gardening type. Great photos of the chooks too. Seriously your kids just have the best lifestyle! Chooks, cows, farm life, fresh eggs...when they lay and now brand new awesome :) I so need to see photos of scrunchie newborn puppies!

  3. Ahhh poddie calves, one of my favourite memories of visiting my aunt's dairy farm. Where are pics of the poddies? Your kids are so lucky! Am yet to go back and look at the puppies.

  4. jo - its a passionfruit flower (as in vine) Cute hey! hoping that it will however, result in some fruit at some stage.

    puppies need a few days to cuten up - bit too rat like atm! promise to photograph

  5. Oh finish reading post properly first, it must almost be spring time baby animal time!

  6. Are you serious!! Passionfruit are my all time fav fruit (you would think I would know it's flower, that just shows what a great gardener I am!!) This weekend I'm going to get one and have a go at growing them. We had a vine when I was really little in our backyard and it's one of those cool childhood memories. Thanks for the cool memory jog.

  7. Oooh I want puppy pics now! Apparently apple cider vinegar in the chook water is supposed to help them start laying...but I own zero chooks so what do i know?!?!?

  8. Man your life is so full of life! Totally love reading about it! Pups, chooks, cows too much 'fun'?

  9. Wow,puppies,chickens,cows...I live on a large property too and it is the best lifestyle! No cows tho. All grapevines! We have a dog Max and cat Nala and some very much loved chooks. They all have names too! Charcoal chicken, tandoori, honey mustard, nugget and henny penny chicken little!!! lol
    Your chooks will start laying when their crowns on their heads become redder!Alternatively you could hang up KFC posters in their coop!!!
    I love reading your blog, you are so funny. cant wait to see puppy pictures.
    Thanks for the laughs,


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