Sunday, August 2, 2009


So, seeing as I am embracing the warts-and-all approach of sharing me and my many imperfections and loving thy self (blurgh! not! but anyhow...) and before you ask - here is the only picture of me in my racing finery. I love the fascinator that I wore, but not sure that I did my hair right for it (I think now that sleek would have been better than messy, and gee, that rinse I didn't have time for would have done me good!)

{I really don't know how I managed to produce such good lookin'kids, although I might be biased! I've always thought they were all cute, as any mother does - but ye gads! that deep red is obviously Kate's colour! is it me or is she stunning or what? and note to self - get those new glasses that have been on the TO-DO list for so long - these ones are so daggy! } And so ends this small annoucement of admiring ones' own offspring and critiquing ones appearance some more!

Didn't get a full length pic (really didn't need that!) but I wore my favourite dark navy (to go with the navy fascinator!) wide legged denim trousers and red boots. Hence the red necklace, that I thought was kinda cute, but looking at it here, didn't reeaally go. At all! Oh well. I also had a little red 3/4 sleeved sort of cropped jacket, and red bag and bracelet, so in theory it all went together! Probably should have worn the navy & white top to tie it together better, but the white one was warmer!

And I did put lippy on (or nice lip gloss in this case) AND eye makeup and foundation, but again, what seems fine in the mirror in this case, appears quite pale! Whenever I put on a darker lipstick these days it always seems too much, but I guess after wearing none at all for the past 6 years (after wearing full on makeup 5 days a week for the 8 years prior to that!) anything seems too much!

Well, that's enough of me for a good while, don't you think?!

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